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The Basics

Bring in your clothes during buying hours. We will look at your items as soon as possible on a first come first served basis- our wait time is typically between 10 and 20 minutes! Once we’ve sorted what we like, we will make you an offer. You will get a cash offer which is approximately 25% what we will sell them for and a store credit offer which is about 30% more than that.

Buying Hours

Tuesday - Sunday
12:00pm - 5:30pm


We offer a donation treasure chest on sight for any pieces we can’t take in that you may be hoping to simply pass along. This bin is used as a resource for anyone in need of clean, wearable clothes.

Some good things to know.

Vintage is technically 20 years or older, and we generally buy clothing from all eras between the 1900s to the early 2000s! We also buy modern items made by designer labels and well made vintage inspired items. We’re happy to take a look at all clothes regardless of era, but we tend to stray away from fast fashion (shein, target, forever 21, h&m, etc).

We buy all sizes and styles of clothes including children’s clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, hats,  scarves, blankets, and some collectibles. We buy all seasons year round but may be more selective with out of season items. Our customers are typically looking for casual wear, so we don’t often buy formal wear.

Still have questions?

Unsure if we’ll like an item, or are hoping to set up an appointment outside of store hours?

 Please send us an email.

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